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Video weather as advertising tool

econgy video weather offers new possibilities for tv stations and their advertising clients.

Advantage 1: emotional & fast

Video weather is much more emotional and faster to adopt – the real life weather situation is causing viewers to remember this certain weather situation – he immediately knows how to dress and what the feeling outside will be.

This is the first advantage compared to conventional weather information moderated by a meterologist or just showing symbols.

Advantage 2: carries ads without remarkable interrupt of information

Video weather is a classical presenter format. People know this format of advertising and its not annoying for them.


Advantage 3: video weather supports local loyalty

Video weather and included ads are specific for a small area like a town or even a part of the town. This local precision makes video weather to the most relevant information about the coming hours and days the user can get. And the local station is the publisher from whom viewers are expecting this information.

Linear TV

The 30sec. video weather can be used as transition between program blocks or within news reports. It’s updated every hour and it carries the specific viewing area of the station in it’s lettering to show it’s localized extremely. The resolution is minimum Full HD with nearly lossless compression factor; optional UHD.

The video weather is branded in stations style; as all variants of econgy weather it contains two advertising slots. It can be individualized with stationproduced videosequences; once uploaded these sequences are integrated within the hourly update.


econgy video weather is delivered in different resolutions and compression formats. The integration of ads makes them unblockable by adblockers.

The emotional approach uses the strength movings images have of their own – the strength stations have compared with other media channels.


Video weather can be used for responsive websites for mobiles but also for native apps. If used in apps they start automatically but even if they are integrated in standard websites (, in which automatic start is not allowed) the advertisers motif is to be seen.


Use on the web

Often the coverage of the weather page is not sufficient to be really interesting for an advertiser. A weather video as a teaser on the frontpage can change the media penetration.

econgy weather videos are delivered in a package with a teaser version in a lower resolution and without details of the coming weather.
This teaser brings users to the weather page – coverage is dramatically increased.

works on mobile devices

Ads also visible on mobile devices

For advertisers, visibility at first glance is the important thing and not just the click of a button. The weather video is delivered for this purpose in a teasing version for the front page. Even without a click, the ad presenter is visible; the click leads to the detailed weather.

In addition to the suitability as an ad display, the weather video has a cross-positive effect for the daily newspaper: The website is visually upgraded and looks technically interesting.