The Sales Annoucer:
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Ideal for local retail

The sales announcer provides a unique platform for local retailers to focus on special offers and promotions within the direct target audience.

For the publisher, sales-announcer is attractive: The platform is rightly perceived as a well done service, because the information about special offers in the own city is extremely relevant (as opposed to some national advertisements).

The users are interested in where there is a nice offer in their city, in their place. The daily newspaper is the classic carrier of local news: Special offers are mandatory.

In consultation and coordination with the publisher, econgy develops the publishers own sales-announcer, updated weekly and in the design style of the publishing house.

Easy to create, no effort for the graphics department

The creation of the sale-info is very easy for providers (daily newspaper publishers) and customers (advertisers).
Only the name and address of the retailer, illustrations of the exterior façade or the interior and the products to be advertised are required. (This can be for example manufacturer pictures, but also own product arrangements of the advertiser.)
Regarding to product or assortment illustrations then description (generic description or brand) and prices or discounts are necessary.
Video can also be used in MOV or MP4 format instead of the picture. In most cases, however, only photos are available.
The individual components are uploaded to the sale-announcer (ftp) and the digital engine takes over the rest and offers the finished Sales-Announcer-movie after a few minutes  for download or pushes it to a server agreed with the publisher.

For individualization of the Sales-Announcer for a daily newspaper, only the logo of the newspaper and the desired place is necessary; a picture of the location or a typical location characteristic can additionally increase customer loyalty.

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Independence: Publishers own media consultants distribute the sales-announcer – ideal also as cross-media offer

In contrast to online advertising mediated and switched from the outside, which is often not useful for users of the newspaper website (such as national sweepstakes or internet casinos), the sales announcer is locally oriented and thus relies on the strength and competence of the company’s own distribution.

The publisher’s print ads offer can be transferred to the online area in a meaningful way: promotions for special offers in the print medium are ideally complemented by the sales announcer.

Unproblematic integration into the TZ website: cannot be grasped by adblockers

The sales announcer is updated weekly. It offers space for three advertisers (even more on request of publishers). New versions have the same file name, so the integration into the website has to be done only once.