Blockchain processing for crowd generated media

Public reporting is increasingly dependent on visual support; usage of media is changing faster and faster.
But the reporter is not always on site; “symbol images” are used.
On the other hand, all the technical and personnel requirements are on site to capture fast videos and photos – most people have a smartphone with them and quality is good enough for a live shot.

Problem is the right of use: A transmission is complex and a quick unproblematic handling is not possible.

Blockchain Experten

econgy is developing Ethereum-based smart contracts allowing easy transfer of the rights of use of smartphone filmmakers and photographers to the publisher.
Today’s extensive contract handling and negotiations, which 
 for cost reasons are usually done by professionals, are not necessary any longer.

Thus, the exploitation of recordings is getting interesting (and possible) for the spontaneous and occasional filmmaker or landscape enthusiasts.
The need for these eyewitness photos and videos is growing and econgy lives up to this need. One of the first use cases is the creation of weather videos. Every owner of a smartphone is able to capture the exciting and fascinating weather moments and the technology is impressive enough for a use in the econgy weather videos.
Thanks to the econgy blockchain solution, barriers to valorization are eliminated.